FIRST Robotics Competition Events!

Last weekend the Scotbots (Team 7118) and Pronto (Team 3070) competed in the Glacier Peak High School 2019 FIRST Robotics Competition. While this was the first event of the 2019 season for both teams, the overwhelming majority of teams participating in the event had already competed in other events this season. This added an extra layer of challenge for the teams to overcome. Throughout the competition the students worked hard to adjust their strategy and improve the operation of their bots.

Team Pronto was selected by alliance captain Skunk Works Robotics (Team 1983) to compete in the finals along with Spartabots (Team 2976). The alliance won its way through Quarter-Finals, but were defeated in the Semi-Final matches.

This coming weekend (3/30-3/31) both teams will be competing at their second district event at Auburn High School in Auburn, WA.
The Auburn competition will be streamed live on Twitch, so if you are unable to attend in person, check out some matches remotely:

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